Every word thought through with a purpose. The articles below not only offer value for readers, but rank on search engines to find new customers.

Reckless Driving Lawyer in Orlando & Central Florida

Landing page & article copy informing readers on Florida reckless driving cases including penalties, recourse, and a call to action. Keywords targeted include, "Orlando reckless driving" (first position on Google), and "reckless driving in Florida" (third page on Google).
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10 Benefits of Learning Spanish as a Second Language

An article detailing the benefits of learning Spanish as a second language. Keywords targeted include, "benefits of Spanish as a second language" (fifth position on Google), and "benefits of learning Spanish" (seventh position on Google).
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33 Must Watch Documentaries For Trail Runners

A listicle of the best free trail running documentaries. It has over 8500 social media shares and ranks in the pole position on Google for keywords "trail running documentaries," "must watch trail running documentaries," and "list of trail running documentaries."
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The Future Of Meme Coins And Their Price Movement

An article explaining meme coins, their future, and ways their value is impacted that has over 300k views. Ranks on the first page of Google for keywords "the future of meme coins," and "meme coins price movement."
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Social Media Copy:

Staying engaged with clients, customers, and fans is critical in the ever-changing, fast-paced media landscape. Social media copy should be clean and clear, quickly offering viewers value or enjoyment.


Writing for videos. A marriage between the words viewers hear, and the imagery that makes the message clear.

Commercial Script: A Social (Distancing) Beat Down

A 30 second spec commercial script encouraging people to social distance themselves during the pandemic.
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Commercial Script: Pass The Message

A 15 second spec commercial persuading young people to stay away from harmful substances.
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Additional Writing Samples: